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  1. I recently decanted some home-made compost. It was full of little tiger worms, so I took some to put in my new mini wormery. I wanted to see if they would get on with the big squidgy ones Kate gave us, and checking a few weeks later there seem to be survivors of both types. I wondered if the big ones would be able to travel between layers through the holes, as they seemed to stay in one place for ages, but now I find them in all the layers, and taking the occasional bath in the bottom liquid layer too!

  2. Well my worms are all still alive, but they are not very hungry or productive!

    What am I doing wrong? Are they just cold, or don't they like what I feed them? I give them bits destined for the compost bin avoiding onions and citrus fruits, but they don't seem to eat much.

    Any suggestions?

  3. I fed my mini-wormery (the 'IKEA model'] with a lot of food for some time, but not in the last week or so, and it has all been eaten, leaving a goodly quantity of liquid feed at the bottom.

    I believe that the worm compost can be used to make compost tea by aerating it with molasses. Has anyone here tried that?

  4. After a rather rocky start, with a bit of a mass extinction after the first couple of weeks, my worms seem to have settled down nicely. They don't seem to eat as much as we were told, so I have reduced what I give them and they eat what they are given. They have been inside at a fairly constant temperature and I think I'll just leave them there for the summer.
    Yesterday I found some of them all rolled into a ball in the bottom tray. Anyone like to venture an opinion as to what they were up to?